Compete Globally by Getting to Know the Local Consumer

With the recent downturn in restaurant traffic in the U.S., some operators are looking for creative ways to reenergize their business. Of these operators, those with an international presence would do well to know the changing wants and needs of restaurant goers abroad. Diners in Europe only purchase 22% of their meals away-from-home, while those […]

New Year’s Resolutions for Fast Casual

I dine at fast-casual restaurants frequently—both big national chains and local upstarts—and I’m always eager to try new concepts in this dynamic segment of the restaurant industry. In my fast-casual travels in 2013, I had some great dining experiences, from feasting on impressively authentic-tasting Southern barbecue in the middle of the Midwest to creating hearty, […]

The Value of Holiday Restaurant Traditions

One of my favorite holiday songs is Stevie Wonder’s “What Christmas Means to Me.” (In our hometown of Chicago, we certainly have “lots of snow and ice everywhere we go” at the moment.) And though Stevie Wonder sang about the more traditional markers of December—choirs singing carols, filling the tree with lights—one of the things […]

Returning Restaurant Service to the Spotlight

In a recent interview for Australia’s Good Food website, Heston Blumenthal—the world-renowned chef of The Fat Duck fame—said he believes that for restaurants today, service is more important than food. The statement might not come as much of a surprise, given that Blumenthal oversees a three-Michelin-starred restaurant. Consumers shelling out £195 (wine not included) apiece for dinner rightfully expect a certain level of […]

Leveraging Loyalty to Enhance the Value Proposition in Canada

Value is key to foodservice purchases. In fact, 87 percent of consumers polled for our Canadian Value & Pricing Consumer Trend Report say that value is either important or extremely important to them when deciding which restaurant or other foodservice location to visit. But what is a value in today’s world? Perceptions of value are […]

The Definition of Value: It’s Complicated

In consumers’ transactions with restaurants, value is far more complex than a certain amount of money exchanged for a certain amount of food—and has become even more complicated over the past couple of years. Here, I’d like to share in general terms recent consumer findings that we’re presented this month at Technomic’s Consumer Insights Planning […]