Chicken Is the Top Choice for Centre of the Plate

From beef to pasta to sushi, there is no shortage of options for the centre of the plate, and consumers enjoy a wide range of options. Not surprisingly, chicken is the most popular protein measured in Technomic’s Canadian Centre of the Plate Consumer Trend Report; beef and pork round out the top three proteins. Chicken’s […]

What We Eat and What We Should Eat

When the advisory committee for the upcoming 2015 U.S. Dietary Guidelines issued its report in February, the food industry reacted vigorously. The good news got a lot of press: eggs and shellfish aren’t bad for you; three to five cups of coffee a day might even be good for you. And probably nobody was surprised […]

Seafood and Vegetarian Dishes Can Help Drive Sales

Healthy menu options are becoming more important to driving foodservice traffic and sales. As operators add healthy fare to menus, they should consider seafood and vegetarian dishes if they align with their concept and menu positioning. Technomic’s Center of the Plate: Seafood & Vegetarian Consumer Trend Report not only confirms that health is a strong […]

Meatless Options Appeal to Fast-Casual Consumers Beyond Lent

It’s the time of year for fish sandwiches and other limited-time offerings for Lent, when restaurants hope to stay top-of-mind for those who avoid meat on Fridays or for the entire season. Some fast-casual players have joined in the fun: Pollo Tropical brought back its Grilled Shrimp for a limited time; Newk’s Eatery debuted ahi […]

Vegetarian Dishes Add Value on U.K. Menus

Vegetables’ turn from supporting player to center-of-the-plate star is one of the most salient menu trends of the past several years, across foodservice industry segments. In fine-dining restaurants and supermarkets alike, vegetarian choices have risen in prominence as consumers have turned on to the ideas of Meat Free Mondays and occasionally choosing meatless meals out […]

Mediterranean, Middle Eastern Flavours Shine in U.K.

U.K. restaurant operators are employing the bright flavours of the eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East in a range of freshness-focused new dishes. And whether these tastes are starring in vegetarian selections or adding an unexpected twist to a burger, they’re letting operators capitalise on rising consumer interest in exploring a variety of global flavours. Notably, […]

Redefining ‘Healthy’ at Fast-Casual Restaurants

Last week, Palo Alto, CA-based LYFE Kitchen opened its first Chicago unit. The chain, which boasts a culinary team headed by celebrity chef Art Smith, is part of a small cohort of fast-casual concepts looking to bridge the gap between vegetarian/vegan restaurants that attract a more-narrow health-seeking crowd and larger, not specifically health-focused concepts where […]

Eggs Continue Their Comeback on U.K. Menus

Decades after they fell out of favour with cholesterol-wary diners, eggs are back in a big way—all day—at U.K. chain and independent restaurants. Budget-friendly and exceedingly versatile, they’re not only starring in hearty breakfast omelettes and casually sophisticated quiches but also providing a silky finishing touch to pastas, burgers and more. They can add protein-rich […]

In Canada, Building Better “Better for You” Burgers

Technomic’s recent Canadian Burger Consumer Trend Report offers an in-depth look at consumers’ burger preferences and ordering habits across a range of restaurant segments. One key takeaway from the report is that a significant share of Canadian diners—and in particular, younger diners—are looking not just for better burgers but also for burgers they believe to […]

Analyzing McDonald’s Canada’s Vegetarian-Friendly Move

McDonald’s Canada made headlines last week in adding two meatless entrée choices to its menu: two vegetarian varieties of its Signature McWraps. That McDonald’s would choose to add meatless choices to its menu isn’t all that surprising; that a burger wouldn’t be its go-to vehicle for doing so might be. In fact, McDonald’s Canada did […]