Vodka Still Drives Spirits Market

A beverage trade writer recently interviewed me, asking about the big trends in the spirits market. Timely topic, as I was in the midst of putting the finishing touches on our SpiritsTAB report. My response juxtaposed the recent momentum in American whiskey with the fact that vodka’s growth had slowed to a crawl after several […]

A Winning Combination: Cobranding in the Bottle

Thanks to flavor innovation from New Belgium Brewing Co., consumers can have their beer and ice cream, too. The Colorado-based craft brewery teamed up with iconic ice cream maker Ben & Jerry’s to create Salted Caramel Brownie Brown Ale, expected to make its debut this fall. Cobranding among adult beverages and restaurant brands on menus […]

Today’s Vodka Wars: David vs. Goliath?

Recent acknowledgement from top execs at both Diageo plc and Pernod Ricard SA that new and small vodka brands are eating into their respective brands’ share of the U.S. vodka market confirms a trend we’ve been tracking in beer and now see taking hold in spirits. Small brewers and distillers are reaching critical mass in […]

New Opportunities for Vodka

What goes around comes around. Ten years ago, vodka was a star at the bar, with consumers clamoring for the fruity new expressions that were debuting from top brands. For those who preferred to sip their spirits straight, premium brands rose to new prominence, aided by the marketing (in popular music and by suppliers themselves) of vodka […]

2014: Adult Beverage in Transition

A cursory review of the adult beverage industry results for the first quarter of 2014 recently posted on our online DRINK resource indicates that the trends of 2013 are continuing: total beer volume is in decline, while wine and spirits enjoy ongoing, if moderated growth, in keeping with our original projections for the year. But […]

Adult Beverage Brands Target the Everyman

It was bound to happen, really. After years of “premiumization” garnering big buzz in adult beverages, with marketers jockeying to position their beverage brands as sophisticated choices for discerning drinkers (and consumers aspiring to a more “premium” lifestyle), some labels are looking to stand out by going decidedly against the flow. Their goal? Appeal to the masses […]

Technomic Sees Fall Flavors Surge in Vodka

Seasonal favorites inform and inspire cocktails Cranberry, caramel, apple and pumpkin are among the flavors showing up in flavored vodkas this fall, serving as inspiration for seasonal cocktails, according to the recent Seasonal Strategies micro-report on Technomic’s online DRINK database. Vodka suppliers and restaurant, bar and other on-premise operators are tapping into favorite and emerging […]

Innovation Drives Adult Beverage Sales

My colleague Eric Schmidt and I spend a lot of hours tracking brand performance, and while the spreadsheets sometimes blur before our eyes, the brands that always pop out are those notching significant gains. What makes those brands pop and their sales soar? Simple: innovation. Being innovative today means more than launching a new flavor […]