Father’s Day is Prime Time for Whiskey, finds Technomic

Whiskey growth and product innovation position the spirit for continued momentum With Father’s Day around the corner, whiskey could easily top the list as consumers search for the perfect gift for Dad. Technomic is tracking ongoing growth in whiskey — particularly American and Irish selections — and whiskey continues to significantly outperform not only the […]

2014: Adult Beverage in Transition

A cursory review of the adult beverage industry results for the first quarter of 2014 recently posted on our online DRINK resource indicates that the trends of 2013 are continuing: total beer volume is in decline, while wine and spirits enjoy ongoing, if moderated growth, in keeping with our original projections for the year. But […]

Whiskey: Is the Future Clear?

Bourbon, Tennessee and rye whiskey are making headlines lately, and with good reason. The storied, flavorful and sometimes hard-to-find American spirits are on fire, as their inherent attributes are exactly what many consumers are thirsting for today. The once-illegal stepchild of the distilling industry—corn whiskey, also known as moonshine—also is growing. In fact, it’s the […]

Irish Whiskey Makers’ Eyes Are Smiling

Bar owners and suppliers eager for consumers to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a bit of Irish whiskey should have reason to cheer this year: The Irish whiskey segment is on a hot streak. Retail sales of the spirit rose more than 21% to $638 million in 2013, based on preliminary data from Technomic’s new […]

Corn and Rye Whiskey – Bright Spots at the Bar

Talk about rediscovering a classic: American whiskeys are booming, with rye whiskey and corn whiskey posting volume growth of 47.1 percent and 37.5 percent, respectively, in 2012. Suppliers’ and consumers’ newfound enthusiasm for these most storied of American spirits helped propel total straight American whiskey volume to a healthy 4.6 percent growth for the year, […]

Innovation Drives Adult Beverage Sales

My colleague Eric Schmidt and I spend a lot of hours tracking brand performance, and while the spreadsheets sometimes blur before our eyes, the brands that always pop out are those notching significant gains. What makes those brands pop and their sales soar? Simple: innovation. Being innovative today means more than launching a new flavor […]