Wine Industry Growth Slows as Competition Heats Up, Finds Technomic

Brands and suppliers vie for share of increasingly fragmented wine market Following strong volume growth earlier in the decade, the wine industry’s upward trajectory continues, but the rate of growth has decelerated. In 2014, total wine volume rose 1.0 percent, and projections for 2015 and beyond call for a similar pace of industry expansion, according […]

Imported Wine Opportunity

Imported table wine volume declined in 2014, and the 2015 outlook is similar, according to our soon-to-be-released 2015 WineTAB report. Imported wine has struggled in recent years, while domestic wine continues to grow. Various factors are contributing to the import segment’s performance, including the challenges faced by some leading brands. With per capita wine consumption […]

Partnering on Calorie Counts

With just 238 days until calorie counts must appear on drink menus in chain restaurant and other multiunit on-premise locations, many operators are scrambling to assemble the necessary calorie and nutrition information. They’re also striving to gain clarity about the requirements to have compliant menus in place by the December 1 deadline. The issue shines […]

Questioning Their Loyalty

Technomic’s finding that several of the largest and most well-established adult beverage brands are challenged while smaller labels are accelerating raised some questions from beverage pros about the state of brand loyalty. In this age of product proliferation, expanding drink portfolios and shifting flavor preferences, it’s a valid concern. Checking in with the 2014 BarTAB report, we […]

State of the Alcohol Beverage Industry 2015: Small Is Big

The early results from 2014 tell a very clear story about the dynamics at play in the alcohol industry: The small are getting bigger, and the big, for the most part, aren’t. Beer held its majority share of total alcohol volume, but another year of overall decline resulted in beer again ceding some share to […]

Bubble Up Beyond New Year’s Eve

It may seem cliché to write about Champagne and sparkling wine the day before New Year’s Eve, but given that the end-of-year holiday season is the only time bubbly gets substantial attention from most marketers, operators and retailers, I wanted to share some insights about the category that can support its growth throughout 2015. A […]

Bar and restaurant alcohol sales to show modest growth in 2015, finds Technomic

Beer and bars struggle, but premiumization and price increases spark dollar growth Drink sales in bars and restaurants are projected to grow modestly in 2015, according to Technomic’s expectations for the on-premise alcohol industry. Conditions at major chain restaurants that serve alcohol are slowly improving, and greater consumer confidence will lead to a more positive […]

Closing the Wine Knowledge Gap

Consumers drink wine more often at home than in restaurants, bars or hotels. Slightly more than half of consumers (54%) purchased wine for at-home enjoyment in the past 30 days, as compared with one-third (33%) who did so in a restaurant or bar, according to our soon-to-be-released 2014 BarTAB Report. While two-fifths (43%) of consumers […]

Technomic Finds Women to be Influential Adult Beverage Consumers

Women’s drink preferences vary by age and ethnicity, and will shape the adult beverage industry The majority of women in the U.S. are of legal drinking age—and they’re increasingly engaged, experimental and educated consumers of spirits, wine and beer. Young and ethnic women, in particular, will shape the future of the adult beverage industry, according […]

Expertise Can Influence Women’s Adult Beverage Buys

Opportunities exist for traditional supermarkets, mass merchandisers and drugstores to capture a greater portion of alcohol sales to women, according to Technomic’s latest Trends in Adult Beverage report. The soon-to-be-released Special TAB Report: Women’s Purchases & Preferences found that 61% of women reported the last occasion they consumed alcohol was off-premise. Despite the fact that […]