Technomic Sees Fall Flavors Surge in Vodka

Seasonal favorites inform and inspire cocktails

Cranberry, caramel, apple and pumpkin are among the flavors showing up in flavored vodkas this fall, serving as inspiration for seasonal cocktails, according to the recent Seasonal Strategies micro-report on Technomic’s online DRINK database. Vodka suppliers and restaurant, bar and other on-premise operators are tapping into favorite and emerging fall flavors to stimulate specialty drink sales around Halloween, Thanksgiving and the fall season.

Flavored vodka accounts for nearly 30 percent of total vodka volume and continues to grow, according to DRINK. “Flavored vodka is a fast-growth spirits segment, and there are plenty of seasonal offerings coming to market that can inspire bartenders or at-home mixologists this fall,” says Donna Hood Crecca, Senior Director at Technomic.

Spotlight on Flavored Vodka

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To assist adult-beverage suppliers, on-premise operators and retailers tap into seasonal trends and opportunities, Technomic’s online DRINK database hosts Seasonal Strategy micro-reports. DRINK includes extensive adult-beverage category and brand volume and sales data, as well as key industry metrics reports, news and other resources.

To purchase or learn more about the online DRINK database, Technomic’s Trends in Adult Beverage (TAB) series reporting on beer, wine and spirits, and other industry reports and services for adult beverage suppliers, please visit Technomic.

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