Understanding Patronage Variations by Consumer Segment

Restaurants can attract very different core consumers despite operating within the same segment. In an effort to understand these differences, Technomic developed Eater Archetype segmentation to reveal these variations on a demographic and psychographic level. Our latest Consumer Brand Metrics white paper, Eater Archetypes: Brand Usage and Preferences by Consumer Segment, uncovers how psychographic profiles vary by foodservice segment.

Among limited-service chains, monthly visitation varies by Eater Archetype. For instance, Pinkberry attracts a higher proportion of Busy Balancers than any other LSR. These consumers lead an on-the-go lifestyle where convenience is crucial, and Pinkberry’s inline units are perfect for these ultimate multitaskers to grab a yogurt or smoothie while running errands.


Base: 29,708 consumers who visit any limited-service chain tracked in CBM once a month or more often (Q1 2015)

Affluent Socializers and Foodservice Hobbyists both drive monthly usage of Panera Bread. Fast-casual concepts with an area to sit down and enjoy a meal are ideal for these consumers who dine out for enjoyment.

Furthermore, Bargain Hunters, Habitual Matures and Functional Eaters skew to LSR burger chains. Bargain Hunters and Habitual Matures generally have lower incomes and are price conscious, while Functional Eaters are most concerned with convenience. Therefore, it is no surprise that LSR burger chains have the highest proportions of these consumers in their core base.

Lastly, Health Enthusiasts make up a greater percentage of Subway’s monthly users than any other LSR. Its fresh vegetable offerings and customizability attract these consumers who seek out nutrition-rich foods.

Uncovering the psychographic profile of a brand’s customers helps you tap into the unique needs, motivations and drivers for a brand. To learn more about our Eater Archetype segmentation, download the Consumer Foodservice Landscape.


Jenna Greenfield

Jenna Greenfield is a Consumer Research Analyst at Technomic Inc. She works on the Consumer Brand Metrics program, which delivers exclusive consumer attitudes toward and usage of 100+ leading restaurant chains, retailers and convenience stores

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