Satisfying On-the-Go Canadian Consumers

Attendees at Technomic’s recent Canadian Foodservice Planning Program learned about a number of important topics in the Canadian foodservice landscape, among them the rising popularity of grab-and-go foods. Today, 31% of Canadian consumers say they’re buying more restaurant-type food and beverages from retailers. Why? The most popular response, provided by 45% of consumers, was less […]

Tea Time in Canada

Canadian coffee cafés have enjoyed a strong presence in the foodservice industry for several years. In 2011, they accounted for 28% of total industry sales, thanks in part to high patronage: 62% of consumers visit weekly and 12% visit daily, according to Technomic’s most recent Canadian Bakery & Coffee Café Consumer Trend Report. But research […]

How Nando’s Looks to Create a Fast-Casual Phenomenon

An arctic chill recently descended on Technomic’s hometown of Chicago again, but one of the biggest stories in the city last week was all about heat: Fast-casual spicy-chicken chain Nando’s Peri-Peri announced that it plans to enter the market here. Nando’s, founded in South Africa in 1987, specializes in flame-grilled chicken that gets its heat from a […]

Savoring Sausage on Fast-Casual Menus

Thanksgiving may as well be designated as the official start of comfort-food season—it is, after all, as comedian Jim Gaffigan aptly notes, a holiday marked by a dish called “stuffing.” For those consumers who like their menu indulgences on the meaty side, fast-casual restaurant operators this year have rolled out a host of hearty, savory dishes in […]

Turf Wars: For Bakery and Coffee Cafes, Growth Means Capitalizing on the Others’ Strengths, says Technomic

While bakery and coffee cafes have much in common, consumers have distinct preferences toward one over the other for certain types of visits. For example, bakery cafés have a stronghold on midday occasions, whereas coffee cafés win with breakfast and beverage occasions. As a result, bakery cafés are hoping to boost traffic by strengthening their […]

Ginger Beer Kicks Up Cocktail Menus

It’s the fizzy little mixer that could: Ginger beer is lending its spicy bite to a range of contemporary cocktails at bars and restaurants across the country, and its menu appearances are soaring. The more-assertive cousin to ginger ale comes in alcohol and non-alcohol varieties; the non-alcohol brands that are prevalent on-premise can do double […]

Toasting Happy Hour

Recently, we’ve reported on cost emerging as the top influence on consumers’ on-premise drink decisions, and we’ve noted that drink promotions play into that equation. So seeing that deals or specials on drinks is a distant second-place driver of happy hour visits to restaurants and bars in our 2014 BarTAB Report was a bit of […]

Closing the Gap on Healthy Restaurant Meals

When it comes to healthy eating, consumers’ behavior isn’t always aligned with intentions. There is typically some discrepancy between their demand for healthy options and actually ordering such items away from home. While there will always be some inconsistencies, data from Technomic’s 2014 Healthy Eating Consumer Trend Report points to ways to narrow the gap. […]

Restaurants Trimming the Fat from Menus

For the past couple of years, menus at Canadian restaurants have faced the chopping block as operators simplify their bills of fare. Main dishes have taken the greatest hit as menu items overall declined almost 3% from Q3 2013 to Q3 2014 and are down nearly 4% since Q3 2012, based on data from Technomic’s […]

Menu Labelling Remains Important Issue for Canadians

A study published this fall has renewed discussion about making menu labelling law for certain restaurants in Ontario, a move overwhelmingly supported by Canadian consumers overall. National efforts toward providing consumers access to nutrition information through the Informed Dining program, which calls on restaurants to voluntarily disclose nutritional information, may not be enough to satisfy […]