Consumers Pick Premium Poultry

Consumers of chicken generally make no bones about having their favorite cut —whether it be white or dark, thigh or breast. And of course, cut preference depends on what one may be prioritizing. For example, Technomic’s 2015 Center of the Plate: Poultry Consumer Trend Report finds that both white and dark meat have its supporters; […]

Retailers Get Fancy with Prepared Foods

Canadian retailers have been stepping up their game to gain occasions from on-the-go families looking for a healthy meal. We’re seeing retailers improve the consumer experience by making their dine-in areas a destination for fresh prepared foods at a time when competition is growing more intense. Overall, retailer meal solutions (RMS) purchases are more frequent […]

Canadian Restaurants Still Crazy About Kale

Kale has transitioned from being a center-of-the-plate accompaniment to taking a starring role in dishes, in part because it’s famously high in nutrients. Restaurant operators are adding in various flavours to elevate kale’s taste while touting the health benefits of the leafy green. Mentions of kale on Canadian menus have grown 33% in the latest […]

Do Consumers Care About Calories in Alcohol?

Come December, consumers may get a shock when perusing restaurant drink menus for their holiday toast. The Food and Drug Administration regulations requiring calorie information to be presented on adult beverage menus in foodservice concepts operating in 20 or more locations go into effect December 1. Will this information cause patrons to rethink that drink […]

Alcohol Menu Calorie Counts: Get the Facts

Many of the specifics of the Food and Drug Administration regulations requiring the inclusion of calorie information for alcohol beverages on menus have yet to be clarified, but the December 1 deadline is prompting foodservice professionals to assess the implications for their operations. The first step toward compliance is understanding the basics of the regulations. […]

Fast Casuals Smooth Over Health Concerns with ‘Buff’ Items

Diet trends come and go—the South Beach and Atkins crazes of a decade ago have given way to today’s “paleo” and “primal” diets—but considerations about health and nutrition are a constant. Today, consumers want to maintain their health but still use restaurants to indulge. The latest round of menu development in fast casual reflects this […]

Fast Casuals Add Options Kids Enjoy, Parents Approve

Fast-casual restaurants’ reputation for healthy, high-quality food and its status with Millennials should make the segment top-of-mind for family dining-out occasions. Technomic’s latest menu data shows that some fast casuals are stepping up their kids’ menus in ways consistent with their values and positioning to capture these occasions. Technomic MenuMonitor data for the first quarter […]

Adult Beverage Industry Goes Global

Exotic spirits from around the world are becoming popular with consumers in the U.S. Spirits like cachaça from Brazil and mezcal from Mexico have been making their mark in the U.S. as drinkers view them as trendy, exotic options. This interest in global alcohol and ethnic cuisine, in general, has opened up some space within […]

Partnering on Calorie Counts

With just 238 days until calorie counts must appear on drink menus in chain restaurant and other multiunit on-premise locations, many operators are scrambling to assemble the necessary calorie and nutrition information. They’re also striving to gain clarity about the requirements to have compliant menus in place by the December 1 deadline. The issue shines […]

No End to the Bacon Trend

Even with health and wellness trends top-of-mind with consumers, indulgent bacon continues to provide opportunities for innovation and appeal to menus. Innovation can be built on preparation, spice profiles and mixing the salty, smoky and savory flavor of bacon with sweet and hot. There seems to be no end to the bacon trend, and we […]