Most Consumers Wouldn’t Change a Thing About Fast Casual

Consumers like the variety offered on the menu at fast-casual restaurants, but that does not necessarily mean they’re looking to spice things up with a lot of change. There are several ways fast-casual brands provide variety to consumers, either by having just a handful of items that can be customized however customers want or by […]

Fast-Casual Drinks to Your Health

Fast casual continues to pull customers from traditional fast-food joints with its positioning in fast and better-for-you fare. The healthfulness of fast casual can be extended to beverage programs to raise check averages and potentially increase beverage-only purchases. According to Technomic’s most recent Beverage Consumer Trend Report, three in 10 fast-casual consumers bought a beverage […]

Channel Wars Challenge Operators

Here’s a little “name that channel” exercise: Beyond the sushi station, soft drink fountain area and the large merchandiser filled with prepared salads and sandwiches, adjacent to the take-and-bake pizza display, stands a six-shelf unit filled with wine. Four shelves hold red and white wine bottles, two hold sparklers, including six-packs; bottles of sangria are […]

Happy Hour Consumers Are Food-Focused

Food, specifically the type of food available, has a stronger impact on where consumers visit for happy hour than alcohol drinks do. Asked specifically about food and beverage drivers, most consumers who go to bars, restaurants and other foodservice locations for happy hour (61%) say the type of food available is important in their decision […]

Promotions Can Help Fight Post-Holiday Decline

Many Canadians are enjoying the quiet that comes in January, after the shopping, parties, baking, family gatherings and other holiday craziness. For some, this also means resolutions to eat healthier, exercise or watch their spending. This is typically a quiet time in foodservice as well. The weeks between the new year and Valentine’s Day can […]

Seasonal Pears Appear on More Menus

Summer abounds with in-season fruits from peaches to berries. Fall is all about apples. But winter has its own fruit stars, even if they’re lesser-known. Among them is the pear, in season from mid-summer all the way into the winter months, depending on the type. Although it’s not the only fruit available in the winter, […]

Consumer Trends Continue to Evolve in 2015

It’s difficult to anticipate the next shift in restaurant consumers’ preferences and need states, but operators can count on one expectation heading into 2015: Consumers will expect more from their brands, especially in the areas of technological amenities and food quality. Meeting those evolving demands will require restaurant leaders to invest heavily in their brands. […]

Advancing Technology in Fast Casual

Heading into 2015, one of the most important trends in the foodservice industry will be technology. Fast-casual restaurants’ position with Millennials and Gen Z will make it even more important for this segment to be ahead of the curve. Three-quarters of consumers today—and nine in 10 between the ages of 18 and 34—own a smartphone […]

Why Fast Casual Shouldn’t Sleep on Dinner, Late-night Dayparts

Consumers’ growing interest in restaurants for dinner and late-night snacking is creating new sales opportunities for brands across the industry, but fast-casual chains may have the most to gain from an increase in business in the evenings. Fast casual’s recent industry-leading overall growth in unit count indicates that consumers like the segment’s proposition of food […]

How Anheuser-Busch and McDonald’s Are Trying to Win Over Millennials

The country’s biggest beermaker and the country’s biggest restaurant chain (by sales) have a problem: Millennials aren’t in love with them. Anheuser-Busch, maker of Bud Light and Budweiser (the No. 1 and No. 3 beer brands in the U.S.) and McDonald’s, maker of Big Macs, have seen sales slide of late, and both have acknowledged […]