Naomi Van Til

Naomi Van Til is a Senior Global Data Manager at Technomic Inc. She manages the firm’s Industry Reports, a global series that identifies major players and marketplace dynamics, keeping foodservice professionals smart about performance and trends. In addition, she is responsible for the tracking of chain restaurant and non-commercial financial data that makes up a large part of Technomic’s custom database, The Digital Resource Library, and is utilized within many other company products, such as Market Intelligence Research reports, Consumer Trend reports, custom studies, newsletters and conference presentations.

Restaurant Franchising Encourages Brand Focus and Growth

Restaurant companies continue moving toward a franchise growth model by selling company-owned stores to raise money and reduce capital expenditures, thereby focusing more on the brand and less on operations. Another draw for restaurant companies is that franchising allows for rapid brand expansion while shifting much of the financial risk of unit development to the […]

Higher Patronage Reported at U.S. Museums and Zoos

Several of the nation’s leading recreation and cultural institutions have something to smile about. Among the Top 10 U.S. museums and zoos, ranked by attendance, 70 percent have experienced increases in annual attendance figures. The captive audience at zoos and museums presents an opportunity for operators and foodservice management companies. Operators can partner with the […]

Competition Brewing Among U.K. Coffee Chains

2012 was a good year for U.K. coffee cafés. Among Leading 100 U.K. chains, the coffee café segment grew sales 12.2 percent, due largely to U.K.-based Costa Coffee (sales up 18.5 percent) and Starbucks (sales up 6.1 percent). Together, these two brands made up over 80 percent of coffee cafés sales within the Leading 100, […]

U.S. Fast-Casual Chains Looking North for Growth

Several leading U.S.-based fast-casual chain restaurants ramped up their Canadian expansion efforts in 2012. Five Guys Burgers and Fries was particularly aggressive, nearly doubling its units (from 28 to 54) in one year. Five other U.S. chains committed to Canadian expansion—Taco Del Mar, Fatburger, Panera Bread, Chipotle Mexican Grill and Smashburger—grew location totals between 9 […]

How the Fastest of the Fast-Casual Chains Sustain Growth

Fast-casual restaurants continue to outperform quick-service and full-service establishments and post strong gains even while the rest of the industry is having a more difficult time expanding and increasing sales. In our latest reporting, we found that U.S. systemwide sales for the Top 150 fast-casual restaurant chains grew 13.1 percent in 2012, while netting an […]

10 for 10: Shifts in the Largest U.S. Restaurant Chains

Over the past decade, there have been significant movements in the Top 10 chains when comparing them by U.S. sales. While McDonald’s still dominates the number-1 spot, as it did in 2002, the rest of the brands in our ranking either outpaced the others or fell behind. The largest gain was seen by Starbucks, which […]

Fast-Casual Chains Fueling Restaurant Growth in Germany

The Top 100 restaurant chains in Germany saw sales increase 3.1 percent in 2012. However, the real growth in the ranking came from the 14 fast-casual brands on the list. Collectively, these 14 brands grew sales an impressive 13.5 percent over 2011, with units up 9.5 percent. The three key players in the segment are Vapiano, […]

Bakery Cafés Drive Growth in France

Fast-casual bakery café chains drove 2012 sales growth (up 15 percent) for the 2013 Technomic Top 100 chains in France, which was higher than the overall Top 100 chains in France (up 4 percent). All but one of the five bakery café chains within the Top 100 experienced double-digit sales growth last year. The largest […]

Fast-Casual Mexican Concepts on the Rise in Australia

The fast-casual craze that swept the U.S. is now being led in Australia by growing Mexican concepts. Consumer demand for fresher and better quality Mexican food is on the rise down under, and more restaurateurs are taking notice. This trend is evident when looking at four up-and-coming fast-casual Mexican chains identified by Technomic’s 2012 ranking […]

Hospital Foodservice Prescribing More Healthy Foods

What once was acceptable for foodservice in hospitals is no longer the case. Disappearing are the days of fried foods and mystery meats in hospital cafeterias—they are now being replaced with turkey burgers and quinoa salads. Numerous hospitals across the country are changing the way they feed patients, patients’ families and hospital staff. Making the […]