Rachel Royster

Rachel Royster is a Senior Coordinator, Editorial Content at Technomic Inc. in Chicago. She is responsible for writing and editing content for the company’s newsletters, which cover the U.S. foodservice markets. She also writes and edits content for Technomic’s Digital Resource Library and MenuMonitor, searchable online databases that include vital segment and industry data for the U.S., Canadian, U.K. and other international foodservice markets.

Global Restaurant Marketing—7 Favorites from 2014

This year, the marketing campaigns we most liked from global restaurant brands were high impact, playful, memorable and of course had a bit of cool factor. If there was a common theme for 2014 it was seamlessly incorporating and playing with—but not entirely leaning on—today’s technology. Marketers used smartphones, 3-D printing and social media in […]

U.K. Chains Look Across the Pond for Growth

The increase of hot dogs and barbecue dishes on menus is evidence of American influence on U.K. dining. But several U.K. restaurant chains are wagering that North American diners are hungry for a taste of Britain. Technomic’s U.K. Foodservice Digest uncovered a handful of brands following in the footsteps of Pret A Manger, attempting to […]

Regional Dishes are Gaining Momentum Across the U.S.

From coast to coast, every state in the union has at least one signature dish. Operators that want to capitalize on consumers’ growing interest in American regional cuisines are building upon these specialties to create new versions of old classics. Four regional dishes in particular are crossing state lines and trending on both chain and […]

Artisanal Carbonated Beverages Sparkle on Restaurant Menus

It’s well known that soft-drink sales have been on the decline in recent years and that consumers are seeking alternatives to traditional fountain and bottled beverages. According to Technomic’s MenuMonitor data, drink menu mentions have fallen nearly 2 percent in a recent year-over-year comparison. But soft drinks aren’t a thing of the past; the fizzy […]

Domino’s Pizza Shifts Gears to Jumpstart Sales

Clever marketers know that a brand’s identity is sometimes just as important as the product. But what happens when the brand’s enduring mantra is no longer what’s in vogue? In a recent campaign launch, Domino’s negated its well-known 30-minutes or less pledge that it’s held since the 1990s, choosing instead to promote slower preparation and […]

Cinnamon: A Spice for All Seasons

With fall on the horizon, restaurants will once again roll out classic seasonal menu items like pumpkin cookies, spice cakes and baked apples, all prepared with ample amounts of cinnamon. But cinnamon isn’t limited to fall treats. It is often used to create complex flavor combinations and add an unexpected taste twist to standard desserts […]