Retailers Get Fancy with Prepared Foods

Canadian retailers have been stepping up their game to gain occasions from on-the-go families looking for a healthy meal. We’re seeing retailers improve the consumer experience by making their dine-in areas a destination for fresh prepared foods at a time when competition is growing more intense. Overall, retailer meal solutions (RMS) purchases are more frequent […]

Coffee War Heats Up in Canada

This week, Tim Hortons announced it’s testing a new dark-roast coffee blend in two markets. It’s a significant move for the No. 1 restaurant chain in Canada as it looks to stave off competition from McDonald’s, Starbucks and other rising coffee players. And in a beverage market where new product introductions are dominated by frozen, frothy […]

Blurring the Beverage Lines

“I’m a beer guy.” “I’m a whiskey drinker.” “I’m a Chardonnay fan.” Time was when consumers would readily identify themselves primarily as imbibers of a particular category of adult beverages, whether at home or at the bar. They had their go-to drinks and usually were loyal to a particular brand. For many, that’s still the […]

How Does C-Store Foodservice Stack Up to Quick-Service Competitors?

Foodservice has quickly become a key strategic focus for many convenience store chains. Increasingly, c-stores are offering fresher, higher-quality “grab-and-go” food options than what was available at traditional retail-centric c-stores. This expansion into foodservice has resulted in increased competition between c-stores and quick-service restaurants (QSRs). All of which raises the question: How big of a […]