The Modern Makeover of Classic Desserts

Classic desserts are finding their way back onto contemporary menus. While extravagant treats have their appeal, many chefs are focusing on traditional fare like donuts, cupcakes, and pies. Nostalgia is impacting offerings as well, with high-quality versions of childhood favorites on the rise, such as “pop tarts” and ice cream sandwiches. Firecakes, an artisanal donut […]

Alcohol-Infused Desserts Elevate Full-Service Menus

Leading full-service restaurants, particularly casual-dining concepts, are kicking up their dessert menus a notch with boozy sweets. While niche independent dessert concepts serving alcohol-infused cupcakes or doughnuts have been popping up in cities over the past two years, this trend is now making its way onto top chain menus. From baked goods to pudding, Top […]

Fast-Casual Restaurants Roll Out Holiday Menu Items

Let the peppermint parade begin: Fast-casual restaurants are hoping favorite holiday flavors will tempt consumers this winter. And this year, the chocolate-mint cookies, mochas and shakes are joined on seasonal menus by savory limited-edition breakfast sandwiches, indulgent baked pastas and assorted layered-flavor treats. As we’ve discussed before, seasonal menus offer an ideal opportunity for operators […]

A Taste of Home: Opportunities on Canadian Dessert Menus

Boston Pizza promises that its S’Mores Pizza is “so authentic you can almost smell the campfire.” Montana’s Cookhouse says guests can go to their “happy place” when they order the chain’s Shake ’N Share Mini Donuts. And Mrs. Fields’ Nibbler mini cookies, available by the each, the half-dozen and the dozen, are touted as “perfect […]

Retro-Inspired Dessert Concepts Thrive in Seattle

Emerging restaurant concepts are highlighting back-to-basic, oftentimes old-fashioned dessert offerings by positioning their entire concept around a retro theme from the 1950s, 60s, 70s or 80s—sometimes blending more than one decade into their décor and format. A recent trip to Seattle revealed numerous vintage-inspired concept developments in the foodservice industry; it seemed as if every […]

Coolly Craveable: Ice-Cream Treats Delight in Canada

Frozen-treat purveyors in Canada and the U.S. celebrated National Ice Cream Day on Sunday with promotional pricing, special menu items and even a guide to what your favorite ice-cream flavour says about you. And while this sweet summer “holiday” is now in the rearview mirror and families are staring down back-to-school preparations, there’s still time […]

U.K. Dessert Dynamics

U.K. restaurants are dialing up the complexity of their desserts, using familiar, craveable sweet treats as a platform for showing off creative flavour pairings and complementary textures. Yesterday’s offering of cheesecake with strawberries is now cheesecake with berry-and-mint compote. Lemon sorbetto? Now it’s lemon-basil sorbetto. And that quintessential British classic, sticky toffee pudding, now gets […]