Technomic Finds Millennials’ Adult Beverage Choices Evolving as They Mature

Millennials are highly engaged individuals that continue to combine adventure and increasingly sophisticated tastes in adult beverages. Nearly three in 10 adults in the U.S. are Millennials and of legal drinking age. The sheer size of the Millennial generation, (born between 1977 and 1992), makes it a crucial demographic for the adult beverage industry. Part […]

Wine Industry Growth Slows as Competition Heats Up, Finds Technomic

Brands and suppliers vie for share of increasingly fragmented wine market Following strong volume growth earlier in the decade, the wine industry’s upward trajectory continues, but the rate of growth has decelerated. In 2014, total wine volume rose 1.0 percent, and projections for 2015 and beyond call for a similar pace of industry expansion, according […]

Mid-2014 Update: Glass Half-Full?

Following the abysmal winter, many adult beverage industry pros were looking forward to sales rising along with the mercury. We at Technomic do see improved performance as we move into late summer, but not the acceleration the industry hoped for earlier in the year. Crunching the numbers on the recently closed second quarter revealed that […]

Table Wine: Crowd Control

The competition among table wine brands—especially in the $10–$20 retail price range—continues to intensify in 2014. More than 200 new table wines came onto the market last year, and 80 have been introduced as of June 1 of this year, according to our DRINK New Product Tracker. From new labels targeting specific demographic groups to […]

Reality Check: Per Capita Consumption

The total U.S. legal drinking age population (LDA) increased by nearly 2 million in 2013, following the addition of 2 million individuals in 2012. The growing number of LDA consumers is due largely to the movement of Millennials into adulthood. However, per capita consumption of beer—historically the beverage of choice for young adult consumers—declined 2.2% […]