Beer Industry Mourns Lost Youth

The past week saw numerous headlines about the beer industry’s recognition that it has lost its iron grip on a key demographic group: young adult consumers. While we called that out earlier this year, the candid comments made by several speakers at last week’s National Beer Wholesalers Association annual meeting in New Orleans point to […]

Fast-Casual Restaurants, Don’t Neglect Gen X

As consumers, we Gen Xers get no respect. Everyone wants to know about Millennials and whether they will remain adventuresome and frequent restaurant users as they get older (yes, we think so). And many people want to know about Baby Boomers, that giant generation that won’t give up its influence or its youth. But we […]

Holiday Spending: Millennials Drive Cautious Optimism for Restaurants

While the economy is still in recovery and threats of the fiscal cliff looms large, consumers are cautiously saying ‘tis the season to…spend. The Thomson Reuters/University of Michigan index of consumer sentiment (a strong predictor of consumer spending) continued to rise for the fourth straight month reaching 82.7 at the close of November, its highest […]

Dine-in, Takeout or Delivery? It Depends Which Generation You Ask…

Consumers make food-related decisions several times a day. But if the decision involves a restaurant, they must also decide whether to dine in or eat elsewhere—a decision that can prompt different answers depending on the person’s age. Dine-in Service Nearly half (48 percent) of all of the food consumers order at restaurants is eaten on […]