The Evolving Pizza Occasion

As we reported a couple of years ago when we published our last Pizza Consumer Trend Report, the pizza landscape was evolving — and this still holds true.  We highlighted the growth of fast-casual pizza, and this continues to be one of the biggest stories in both pizza and across the foodservice industry as a […]

Opportunity Exists for Fast Casuals to Boost Lunch Sales

We already know that fast-casual chains’ sales growth outpaces that of its industry counterparts, but data taken from Technomic’s recently published Value & Pricing Consumer Trend Report along with the 2014 Lunch Consumer Trend Report suggests there may be one daypart where these chains can do even better: lunch. The Value & Pricing Consumer Trend Report […]

Bacon Maximizes Menus

Consumers continue to crave bacon. The protein is dynamic since it can be offered during all dayparts through a number of food combinations from breakfast sandwiches and bacon-topped doughnuts to deli sandwiches and even tacos. Technomic MenuMonitor data shows that bacon was the second most-menued protein on c-store breakfast sandwiches in the second quarter. In […]

Pizza Chains’ Tech Innovation Receive Praise in Canada

Technology in restaurants is no longer a novelty, consumers expect it. As a result, we added several technology attributes to the Consumer Brand Metrics (CBM) program in Q1 2015. In the recent Consumer Brand Metrics: Canadian Restaurants white paper, “Emerging Tech at Restaurants: Consumer Perceptions of Technology at Leading Chains,” consumers particularly praise pizza chains […]

Fast-Casual Pizza: A Familiar Growth Story, with a Twist

The rise of build-your-own pizza is reminiscent of the explosive growth over the past five years of the better-burger segment. But there is an important difference. Unlike traditional quick-service burger chains, which have struggled to defend their traffic and market share from this new fast-casual competition, most of the giant pizza chains are growing sales […]

Fast Casual Year in Review: More of the Same (But That’s a Good Thing)

The start of 2015 is a mere two weeks away, so it’s time again to look back at the year that was in fast casual. What was the overall theme for the segment in 2014? “More of the same”—which, in fast casual’s case, means sales and unit growth, so that’s a good thing. In Q3 […]

Pizza Hut Swings for the Fences

Pizza Hut’s unveiling this week of a complete brand overhaul sheds fresh light on the big choices restaurants face in keeping up with changing consumer tastes. The question will be whether it’s an example of “too much, too late” or of reaching beyond what core customers and restaurant staff want or can handle. Bucking a trend […]

Differentiation in the Canadian Pizza Landscape

The basic cheese, red sauce and one- or two-topping pizza pie is ubiquitous in Canada; 68% of consumers order either a plain cheese pizza or build their own pizza with a few toppings, according to Technomic’s 2014 Canadian Pizza Consumer Trend Report. The pizza category, however, has always been known for innovation, as operators don’t hesitate […]

Quality, Variety are Key for the Pizza Category, Reveals New Technomic Study

Chicago, PRNewswire, April 1, 2014—Pizza consumption is high: in fact, consumers told Technomic they eat pizza about 3.4 times a month. In addition to traditional pizza formats, today’s expanded retail options and the emergence of the trendy fast-casual pizza segment are giving consumers plenty of ways to satisfy their pizza cravings. Yet consumers tell us […]

Seven Standout Specialty Pizzas at Fast-Casual Restaurants

Technomic’s brand-new 2014 Pizza Consumer Trend Report reveals that 55% of consumers say they purchase pizza from a fast-casual restaurant at least once a month. That’s an astounding figure given that dedicated fast-casual pizza chains (as opposed to fast-casual concepts that happen to offer pizza among their other menu choices) are still finding their footing […]