Looking Ahead: Top 500 Unit-Growth Forecast

Technomic’s unit-growth forecast for Top 500 chains helps draw a map of what to expect from the chain-restaurant industry as we approach the end of 2015 and move into the New Year. We recently compiled this Top 500 chain unit-growth forecast for 2015 using third-quarter unit counts obtained from public company filings, web collection and […]

Digging Deeper into Gluten-Free and Non-GMO Labeling

We all know that gluten-free has been trending for a while, in fact, in 2014 it was the most prevalent and fastest-growing health claim used by chains in Technomic’s Top 500. Due to the growing demand for gluten-free food options, many restaurants now offer separate gluten-free menus. In the retail space, however, brands are capitalizing […]

Tea Spices Up Adult Beverage Menus

During summer, iced tea is top of mind for its refreshing quality, while in winter, we turn to hot tea as a comforting warm drink. No matter the time of year, tea is on trend lately due to its health benefits, range of flavors and versatility. Tea-flavored beverage offerings are on the rise in the […]

What Subway’s Sales Decline Says About the Restaurant Industry

Subway’s fall from second-largest restaurant chain to No. 3 in Technomic’s Top 500 Chain Restaurant Report, the prevailing story line in a study full of intriguing developments, reveals a lot more than just how one brand is struggling to hold on to its market share. The chain’s 3.3% decrease in estimated annual sales means about […]

Four Facts on Fast Casual for the Fourth

Ahead of one of my favorite holidays (who doesn’t love a holiday for which the staple foods are burgers and barbecue?), let’s pause for a look at some interesting facts about the still-fast-growing fast-casual restaurant segment—truly an American success story in its own right. Fast casual accounted for 15% of the $231-billion limited-service restaurant segment in […]

Fast-Casual Restaurants Continue to Outperform

Technomic has just released its preliminary data for the 2014 Top 500 Chain Restaurants Report, and fast casual continues to outshine the industry overall. Just one indication of that is a look at the top growth chains. Because it’s much easier for a small chain to show a large percentage increase, we look at large […]